Patents & Biotechs

NFAT transcription factors in tumor progression (2003)

Inventors : Alex Toker, Sébastien Jauliac

Compositions comprising secreted extracellular vesicles of cells expressing nfatc4 useful for the treatment of cancer (2017)

Inventors : Sébastien Jauliac, Livia Camargo

Alderaan Biotechnology is a preclinical stage company focused on monoclonal antibodies development for the treatment of cancer with technologies aiming at Treg depletion and NK cell modulation.

Contacts : Armand Bensussan & Anne Marie-Cardine

Specialize in the discovery and the development of first-in-class monoclonal antibodies targeting novel immune checkpoints and regulators of the antitumoral immunity

Contacts : Armand Bensussan